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Easy, Affordable, Seamless

As easy to use as an app … but with real people who have the knowledge & skills to manage the mechanics of your business.


The accurate and timely entry of all your accounting transactions is a key factor in keeping money flowing. And clear financial information helps you make the right decisions for your business. Instead of wrestling with your sales & expense tracking – plug into a complete internal accounting department that keeps your books current, provides the data you need, and protects your business from fraud.

Human Resources

The operative word is “human”. A professional H.R. function not only ensures that everyone feels respected and protected … it helps your business attract & retain the people you want. Cover your compliance, information management, and employee relations needs with one solution.

I.T. User Support

There are just too many software apps, data platforms, and security tools in the market for a small business to manage. Our approach to technology centers on one, simple question: What does your business do? We then select and install the products that help you do it well (without all the fuss, jargon, and complexity).


Instant Workforce is a business service performed by real, live people. 

All of our team is U.S. based and U.S. trained.  The work we do for your business is performed from either our office in PA, or the employee’s home office if working remotely.

Correct! We are strictly a U.S. company performing all of our work domestically.  We don’t offshore any of our services, nor do we use contractors.  Everyone who delivers work to your business is our employee.

As secure as you want it to be.  It’s owned by you and stays in your apps and databases … we don’t move it or duplicate it.  Our access is controlled by you.

All business information you send to us is through a secure portal with high-level encryption.  We don’t email (or accept email from you) of any financial, employment, or other confidential/restricted business documents.

All back-office services are performed by our  team of Certified Business Specialists.  Each of them has a minimum of 5 years work experience in their technical specialty; has successfully completed our proprietary training; and has delivered 250 hours of supervised work product.

Business administration is tedious, ongoing, and has a lot of rules.  When you’re doing it yourself (or delegating it to your own employees), it’s robbing energy and time from more productive activities.  Instant Workforce takes the non-core, routinized work off your hands so you can focus on what’s important.

Because this is all we do … and because we do it for many businesses at once … we’re able to do it faster, better, and cheaper than our customers can do it for themselves.  The savings from that efficiency is baked into the fee.  Generally, the cost of our service is 40% less than the cost of doing the same work in-house.

No!  Our service is billed monthly and you can cancel it anytime without penalty.  Unlike a cell phone contract … you can get out of it without losing your shirt. 


Well Done,
You Did It!

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